• via Marconi 18/a, Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) - Italy
The Cortina Snow Run race route has been classified with a red label: EE itinerary for expert excursionists. These itineraries require an ability to move across snow-covered terrain with some icy surfaces.
The run takes place on ski slopes and the following rules must be observed: - after closing time of the lift facilities it is strictly forbidden to ascend or descend on the slopes with skis or on foot. - when the lifts are open it is strictly forbidden to access the ski slopes on foot, which means that it is not possible to make a reconnaissance of the race route.

Legend: blue piste (easy), red (medium difficulty), black (difficult). The Short Trail Cortina Snow Run takes the following route:
blue piste (easy), red (medium difficulty), black (difficult). Cortina (Corso Italia), Freccia nel Cielo cable car station - Ascent on piste Stries (blue) Colfiere, piste B  (blue) Rifugio Col Druscie, descent side piste Pie Tofana (blue), descent piste Muro de ra Cioures (blue) Colfiere, piste Stries (blue) arrival at the Olympic Ice Stadium.

The race has a total distance of approximately 9,5 km and 555 metres of vertical gain. In the event of adverse weather conditions or sub-standard conditions of one or more ski-slopes, an alternative route will be presented during the pre-race briefing at the start. The kilometers are not marked. Participants must adhere strictly to the signposted race route and avoid taking short cuts or cutting out sections of the route. Any departure from the official race route, apart from leading to disqualification, shall be at the sole responsibility of participants.Mini_Trail